Advantages of Canon Ceiling

  • Requires no painting
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth finish
  • Maintenance-free life
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unaffected by termites and other pests
  • Unaffected by water
  • Multi-chambered design for rigidity and noise reduction
  • Innovatively balanced formulation ensures the self-extinguishing property of uPVC ceiling profile
  • Perfect fitting tongue and groove design to ensure sturdy lateral joining
  • Manufacturing flexibility allows lengths to be made to order

We have both uPVC and acoustic ceiling.

Benefits of Using Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Noise problems can affect your lifestyle at home and your work at office. Projects particularly where sound quality and reverberation control is important are also places where noise levels can make a difference. In such places acoustic ceiling panels are used to improve the quality of sound and keep noise levels contained within the room. Sometimes noise levels can get exceptionally high causing inconvenience to neighbors and other occupants’ within


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